Digital Journalism

Digital Journalism is an extension of the visual arts and computer graphics courses offered at the middle school and high school. Our Digital Journalism students tell the story of student and academic life as seen through the eyes of our students. Their pictures give our website a magazine quality and create a weekly source of enthusiasm for every aspect of school life. For generations, a fresh set of photographs has been the catalyst to excite and connect family and friends. Sharing pictures remains a universal source of fun and purpose. Through the eyes of our Digital Journalists, these photo galleries are a visual record of the many positive connections and memories shared among fellow students.

We live in a culture dominated with visual images. With the guidance of the Digital Journalism advisors, Mr. Mott at the high school and Mrs. Gengler at the middle school, the Digital Journalists promote the best of this new visual culture. Digital Journalism is committed to maintaining high aesthetic standards and presenting photographs respectful of persons, groups, and programs. This co-curricular activity for middle and high school students uniquely serves students drawn to the visual arts and connects our school and community through stories told with pictures.